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-Name: Nancy.
-Location: Washington, DC.
-How you heard about Andy: I saw him in the tour tonight. Which would be, yes, less than 2 hours ago haha. Plus I've heard alot about him.
-Interesting tid-bit: Um. I'm going to rush tomorrow? Haha.

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Oh my goodness! How was the show tonight? Absolutely amazing, I'm sure?
It was! Guh. I love this cast.
Rush! *thumbsup* Such an awesome experience. And so worth it for this cast!
I didn't get to. :( But I did do lotto! Haha.
Oh well, it's still not bad! Did you get a seat?
My name was the last called, and I was the odd one out who didn't get tickets. :/ If you know what I mean.

But tomorrow I may.
Aww, that's too bad. *pats* Yes, go try tomorrow! :D
Yay Nancy!! I'm jealous :P
Go Nansay..feelin the Andy love ^_^
You'll meet some fun people rushing, that's for sure.
Oh, I did. :D
Hell ya you did! Like...me! Lol hi this is Jessi
Moral Support! Yay!