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peace now, freedom now, equality now.

iheartmysong made a post over at the rent community about how she went and saw the show, and then yesterday she did DRS lotto. And guess who was behind her? ANDY! This was her part of the post about him:

Then on the 22nd i decided to play lotto for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels *i promise there is a RENT point* and my mom noticed a guy checking out all my Rent pins on my bag..i turn around..who is it but..Andy Meeks *Mark on the Rent tour* we right away started talking.

Right now he is on his 4th call back for Rod and Princton for Avenue Q the Vegas Cast. and he had extra time so he decided to do DRS lotto. Well we both won. the night concisted of seeing DRS with Andy Meeks and hearing all about his rent tour and what hes doing now and then stage dooring it with him and hearing about how badly he wants to be Mark on Broadway some day. He was absolutly the cutest sweetest southern guy I will ever get the chance to meet.

Fourth callback? Yay! Anyone know just how many callbacks there are for Avenue Q? Quite a few, I'm sure.
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