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Mr. Andy Meeks

hey everyone im new to this community and im sorry i didnt find it sooner lol.

well i saw Andy in the tour twice once in hershey and then once in hartford. and after leaving the tour both time i thought that Andy was one of the two that were broadway bound and thats it.

i recently met Andy at lotto of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. he is a great great guy and so much fun to see a show with. we had a blast

and then we stagedoored it together

at the time he was on his 4th call back for Avenue Q and he had to go back to his hotel nice right after the door because he had "puppet school" the next day..i just loved that

we talked about his times on the tour and how he was glad it was over..sad and glad actully. we talked about how he wants to get the Q vegas cast and then in June he's doing L5Y in his hometown and then hopfully when Caplan leaves RENT he wants to be mark..

his word exactly

 "caplans gotta go he's been there forever girl." lol hes soo great

Well at DRS he gave me a headshot and we took a picture..those are under the cut...i should be hearing from him to see how Q went and stuff =)



his "dirty rotten friend"...yeah thats me! lol


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