Hello everybody! I'm new to the community, so here is my survey!

-Location: San Diego, Cali.
-How you heard about Andy: I saw him the the touring company of Rent here in SD, then after the show I got to meet him, and he was extremely nice to my friend and I. He commented about us being beautiful, and he signed our programs. Then later, he was walking past us, and I said goodnight to him. My friend was on the phone, and he took the phone out of her hand and started to talk to her friend. I think that's when I fell in love, lol.
-Interesting tid-bit: Um, see above, lol.

Well, I'm glad to be here! Have a great night, everyone!!
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Andy Meeks is HOT!! - Idina Menzel

Happy birthday to the Meekster!

Just a little note to everyone who didn't know:

Today is Mr. Andy Meeks' birthday!
Call him, text him, e-mail him, just make sure to wish him a happy anniversary of his birth; he deserves it!!

I'll leave his age out of here since, if he ever plays Mark again *coughcoughcough*, the producers don't want everyone knowing their Mark isn't in his early twenties. However, his age really isn't that important; we all know that, while pictures may not show it off to its finest, he'll always look like then super-hot twenty-something hunk that he is. :)
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Flying Solo : Flying Free

"That'd be cappy..."

Just a quick note to let y'all know that yodallama and I saw both performances of Last Five Years this weekend, and we will be posting our reviews soon; both were great shows and Andy was absolutely astounding as Jamie, as if any of you had any doubts. :)

Your Informational and Reviewful Modly Mod,
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Misc. Space Llama

(no subject)

For those who didn't follow the comments on the last post, just wanted to let you all know that the dates for L5Y have been pushed back a bit, so now the show is running July 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th. They are also considering adding a Sunday show on the 10th but that isn't definite yet. Just thought I'd let you all know! Right now we are still working out the details but it looks like theres a good chance of Sami _outtonight and I going to the shows on the 8th, 9th and 10th (if they add it in). Hope to see some of you there! =)
Beach Bum - Andy Meeks

Heeeeeeeeey macarena

Let me start by saying that I've been a bad, bad mod and I deeply apologize for lack of Andy updates. I tend to forget that there are other fans outside of my little circle of friends, so I neglect posting things here since I figure everyone else already knows. I promise to update here whenever new information pops up from now on. :)

That being said, as some/most of you know, Andy just finished with Four Guys Named José which ran for four weeks at the Aurora Theater in Atlanta and closed this Sunday. He was the Mexican José, and that amuses me to no end. It also amuses me that he wore black pleather pants and cowboy boots and totally got crazy down with his bad self in every show to 'The Macarena' but I'm sure nobody here cares about that.

You can read a review on creativeloafing.com here, or you can skim it under the cut and read only the Andy-relevant parts which are bolded for your convenience. (Oh, what a kind and loving mod I am)
Average José, by Curt HolmanCollapse )

You can also read a second review here on atlantalatino.com, or follow this cut and skim as well. This article also has pictures!! :)
Latin musical transcends languages barriers, by Ana Catalina VarelaCollapse )

Anyway, he's now getting things together for his production of The Last Five Years.

As stated on the Kudzu Playhouse website, Andy will be performing The Last Five Years there from June 24th and 25th, and July 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th. in Roswell, Georgia.

He will also be performing the show at the Athens Creative Theatre located in Athens, Georgia, the latter four weeks of July, although the theatre's website didn't have the dates or any information on it. I'll post again when I get the dates, but you just can't ever get a straight answer out of that man. ;)

And that's all that I've got for you guys right now. Hope it's enough to hold you over until the next update, which should hopefully be soon! Until then, love the mods, continue loving Andy, and join the coup! support worthy causes and the like.

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Mary Poppins

(no subject)

Ive gotten a couple of emails from Andy but just because no one else said it i thought he would. his show 4 guys named jose is ending in a little while and right now hes just trying to get his stuff for Last 5 Years all together. in case you guys wanted an update. hes sending me "Jose" pictures ill post them when i get them =)
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(no subject)

...im not too involved in the whole lj community thing, but i came across this one and was pleasantly surprised. i met andy when i was working props for RENT when the production was in Buffalo this past February. he is an incredibly talented actor and a great guy to be around.
Mary Poppins

Andy Update

Hey, I just got an e-mail from Andy and i thought you guys would like to know that his show "Four Guys Named Jose" just opened and he is having a meeting with the people hes doing Last Five Years with soon to see what the details about that are like.

I thought you guys would like an Andy Update!

he sends his love!