Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia (peaceofaith) wrote in andymeeks,
Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia

x-posted to the broski community

I wrote this...this morning because I deal with things this way. As many of you know, the RENT tour is over...and I wrote a lil parody...it's kinda Andy related, so you guys might think it's funny....enjoy!
Dearly beloved we gather here to say our goodbyes

Marcus & Dan
Dies irae - dies illa
Kyrie eleison
Yitgadal v' yitkadash (etc)

Here it lies, millions knew its worth
The late, great, founder of these communities
On the night when we celebrate the birth
In that little town we call DC
We raise our glass, you bet your ass to
The RENT Collins tour

RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour

To days of dancing round here
jumping on tables, making crude penis statements
The need to express -
my love of this,
To showing my boxers and,
Pointing at girls
While doing the moonwalk too

To loving singing, no accent
To more than one standing O,
To starving for attention,
Hating the fact that its over
Not to mention of course,
Hating dear old un and ployment

To riding your bus,
All around the whole state
To hotel rooms - to PS2 -
To back rubs- during Contact -
To the double point -
Hugging any passing fan
To being an us for once
Instead of a Them

RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour
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LMAO! That is awesome!!! I love it!!
LOL!!! That rocked!!! Very creative
Definitely amused me. A lot.